Saturday, September 17, 2011

What is Sharepoint Server 2010

Sharepoint Server was first released in 2001 as Sharepoint portal server 2001, also in the same year Microsoft launched a content Managemet Server 2001 (CMS) . In 2003, Microsoft launched Sharepoint portal server 2003 as well as an updated version of Content Management Server. These products were ultimately combined to become Microsoft Office Sharepoint server 2007 ( MOSS ) in late 2006.

What is SharePoint 2010?
Sharepoint 2010 is a fully integrated platform that is made up of the best bits of many tried-and-tested products. 
SharePoint 2010 platform is the .NET Framework with a whole host of reusable application services such as content management, business intelligence, offline synchronization and workflow.
SharePoint is more than a document management tool, a content management tool, or an application that allow users to create collaborative websites. Behind all of this, Sharepoint is a new kind of operating system that runs accross an entire organisation and provides the tools and services that information workers needed on a day-to-day basis.

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